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At the age of thirteen I left my native Sweden forever, and my journey has taken me to the Canary Islands, Central and South America, Canada, England, Wales and back to Spain. I’ve had four successive nationalities, juggling more passports than an international spy.
Over the years I’ve sat a crazy number of exams in different languages for a series of careers progressing from waitress to real estate manager, fitness coach, Spanish teacher, Notary Public, psychotherapist, syndicated newspaper columnist, sculptor, and ultimately – most successfully – bestselling author.
Studying and working has evolved alongside two marriages and two children, who now have children of their own. My family is spread over four countries on two continents.

Since focusing on writing, I’ve came to rest and roost in the mountains of Andalucía. Here I built a house atop a high ridge overlooking the Mediterranean. A sculpture garden with exotic trees surrounds me, and at the garden’s edge the valley drops steeply away towards the sea.

Eagles swoop down the slopes; fox, stone martens and wild boar inhabit the night. The scenery and the silence stir my imagination, the solitude gives me ample time to work.
But all is not isolation, grind and graft. I enjoy a party occasionally and having a laugh with good friends.

There is room for my passions too:  sculpting, painting, making mosaics and generally creating things out of different materials,  playing guitar and singing, planting things, and of course, reading. I thrive on sports and movement, and what a great landscape it is to move in.
Although the world is an amazing place and I’ve been fortunate enough to travel widely and live in many countries, I’m having a break. There is that inner world to explore, full of budding potential.








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