About Kitty

Kitty Sewell was born in Sweden, but has joint British and Canadian nationality. She spent her adolescence in Spain and returned to live in Andalucia in 2003, keeping a foot each in Wales and Canada, and a hand in Sweden.

She has a background in psychotherapy, and alongside this career wrote a syndicated weekly newspaper column on mental health, personal development and relationship issues. Looking to exercise her vivid imagination stimulated an interest in writing fiction. Her first novel ICE TRAP (2006) was the dissertation for an MA in Creative Writing, and was subsequently published to critical acclaim and translated into 14 languages. 

Kitty’s novels hover around the genre of psychological suspense but don’t feature a lot of blood and gore (nor detective inspectors, forensic scientists or investigative journalists). Her interest lies in the sphere of hidden human frailties, sins, vices and weaknesses, and the webs from which their victims strive for solutions or escape. Her novels are set in locations that she finds fascinating, and which often come alive as characters in themselves.

Kitty’s novels have been shortlisted and longlisted for the Hay Festival Welsh Book of the Year

Shortlisted for the CWA New Blood Dagger award

Won the BBC Radio Wales “The People’s Choice”

Selected as Bertelsmann’s Media International Book of the Month

Literary Guild Main Selection (USA)

Art and Sculpture

Kitty also has a career as an award-winning sculptor (working under her maiden name of Kitty Harri) and with her partner Nick is the creator of a much visited botanical sculpture park in Spain. http://www.kittyharri.com

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