Other books

Catwomen from Hell is the story of my attempt to form an all-women motorcycling gang in South Wales, an often hilarious undertaking that ended in a lot of scrapes and bruises, interpersonal and otherwise. It was for me a way to stave off the discomfort of entering my forties and lurching headlong towards middle age. Speedy rides through the Welsh hills, drinking, smoking and hell-raising in seedy pubs, forming bonds with women from very diverse walks of life, enriched my all too comfortable life as an NHS psychotherapist.

A Girl’s Journey to Manhood. Raymond Thompson was in therapy with me for some time before we decided to collaborate on writing his biography. He was the first person in the UK to have full gender reassignment surgery to turn him from woman to man. His story is one of both trauma and humour, from a childhood when from first consciousness he knew that he inhabited the wrong body. We follow his steps through time spent in Borstal and prison, to his rehabilitation, a deeply personal journey of inner and outer transformation.

My Cheating Heart. An anthology of stories about infidelity, by women in Wales, edited by Kitty Sewell

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