Cloud Fever

Daniel Villeneuve, a helicopter pilot fighting forest fires in the depth of British Columbia, is trying to come to terms with the breakdown of his marriage, when he is called to a stranger’s death bed.

The claims of the dying man begins to dismantle Daniel’s reality as he know it. It appears he is not the man he thinks he is, his name is not his own, his past is an invention. What does the mark on his face mean? Who is he?

As he delves deeper into his own past, Daniel’s young daughter Rosie has a sense that her father is ill-fated, that the clouds on his horizon will cause death and devastation in their wake. 

To his peril, Daniel ignores her warnings and with Yangzom, his Tibetan lover, goes on a journey to the outer reaches of his destiny, in the most hostile and unforgiving region of the world.

Cloud Fever is a story of psychological suspense, about one man’s search for identity and redemption, and a child’s struggle with her inner forces.

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