Ice Trap

“Dear Dr Woodruff, I hope you don’t mind me writing to you. I think I am your daughter. . .”

Welsh surgeon Dafydd Woodruff’s comfortable life in Cardiff is up-ended by the arrival of a letter. He is told that he is the father of thirteen-year-old twins, allegedly conceived in the remote town of Moose Creek where he had lived and worked all those years ago.

Dafydd knows it’s a mistake. The mother of the twins was his arch enemy, a woman he would never even have touched.

But DNA tests don’t lie. . .

The mystery of the twins gives him no peace. His child-less marriage in jeopardy and his career in limbo, Dafydd decides to return to the frozen Canadian sub-Arctic to make sense of the impossible.

As he attempts to re-integrate into the isolated, suspicious community he left behind, he finds himself drawn into a number of interlocking enigmas, each one more puzzling – and sinister – than the last. . .

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